Symmetrical Internet, Fast In Both Directions


Covering the majority of ZIP Code 76549, over 15,000 homes eligible for service.

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OMGitsfast has the speed to keep you connected!

Video Streaming

For the Best HD/4k Quality for Online TV & Movies! (Netflix, Hulu, YouTube)

Multiple Devices

For Multiple Users & Wireless Devices!(Smartphones, Tablets, PCs, TVs)

Social Media

For Social Media & Video Chat (Facebook, Instagram, Facetime, Skype)

Other Providers Can't Compete...

Move over Cable & DSL, here comes the Future! OMGitsfast offers a state-of-the-art Wireless alternative to unreliable Cable Internet or slow DSL modems.

Killeen's own locally operated Internet service, join a technology company focused on providing you with the best Internet service today, and in the future.

Get more of what you want for less, we set the standard for Internet Service in Killeen.

Awesome Features

Enjoy the Web

Enjoy everything the Web has to offer, including streaming HD videos, uploading photos, social media or simply surfing for fun.

Fast and Affordable

OMGitsfast has fiber-fed Internet at an everyday low price with fast download & upload speeds at up to 200 Mbps, and NO data caps.

Wireless Networking

There's no need to mess with wires and equipment. Our technicians will set up the rooftop antenna, outlet wiring, router and WiFi network for you.

Advanced Technology

The power of wideband technology keeps all your devices online at the same time. Gaming, streaming video and more.

No Contract, No Gimmicks

Tired of the annual price increase? Your price is locked, applicable taxes are inlcuded, no term contract, and no below the line fees.

Technical Support

By phone, text, email or on site, our support team is ready to sweat the small stuff and the big stuff, so you can get back to your stuff.

Get Up To 200 Mbps for $29.95 Per Month,
Plus $10 Per Month Equipment Rental.

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